Manny Espinoza

Director, Diversity and Inclusion, Nike

Industries of Expertise: human resources, business

Manny Espinoza has worked at many big-name companies such as Nike, Prudential Financial and Booz Allen Hamilton, in human resources and diversity and inclusion capacities. His 15-year career has taken him across the country and give him the chance to gain experience in business as well. Currently, Espinoza is Nike’s Director of Global Strategy & External Partnership for Diversity & Inclusion.

For Espinoza, mentoring is a two-way street and a passion of his. He has acted as a mentor to University of Arizona students and co-workers and is a member of Big Brothers Big Sisters. He loves to share advice on how college students can prepare for the workforce and what steps they can take while in school to grow personally and professionally. He looks forward to sharing his expertise on job-search strategies, interviewing skills and the transition out of college.