About the Program

Create Transformative Connections

Through monthly, one-hour group meetings, mentors will be able to have a dramatic impact on the lives of future alumni.  Mentors will be handpicked University of Arizona alumni with significant professional experience. They will mentor up to five (5) mentees in monthly, group phone conferences. This ratio will allow mentees to form transformative connections not only with their mentor but with the other mentees as well. With the participation of our alumni mentors, we will build this into an extraordinary opportunity for University of Arizona's most promising leaders of today and tomorrow.


How It Works

Get Trained

Mentees and mentors are paired based on their career interests and compatibility. Before mentors begin meeting with mentees, they will participate in an in-depth training session. Of utmost importance is our mentors’ commitment to creating a safe and inclusive environment for all mentees and maintaining strict confidentiality.

Share Experiences

Mentors will provide insights in leadership and personal and professional growth by drawing on their own experiences. Through confidential conversations, mentors will spur personal growth in their mentees by actively listening and asking thought-provoking questions as well as offering advice and sharing perspectives. Successful mentees will be open and willing to learn, actively seek advice to develop specific career goals.

Dedicate Time

Mentors are asked to participate in monthly one-hour conversations for seven months with a cohort of up to 5 mentees. This time commitment, along with any needed individual follow-up, permits mentors and mentees to form a relationship with one another, allowing for more meaningful growth to happen.

Provide Feedback

Throughout the process, we will collect feedback to help shape future mentorship programming. Our goal is a truly transformative experience for all those involved. We will require both mentors and mentees to agree to maintain confidentiality, which will allow open sharing of experiences and challenges.

Timeline 2023-2024


  • Applications are open for the 2023-24 Wildcat Mentor Society.



  • Mentors and mentees will complete online training sessions on best practices for mentoring.



  • Mentor/Mentee Applications due Sept. 2.
  • Mentorships are created based on applicant information.
  • Bios for mentors and mentees will be provided to facilitate pairing.
  • Virtual Kick-off Event for all Wildcat Mentor Society members.
    • Thursday, Sept. 29, 2022 Time TBD



  • All mentorships are encouraged to have their first meeting to share goals and expectations for the year. 


October through April

  • Mentoring sessions begin and occur once a month. Times and dates are determined by each cohort individually.
  • Mentors and mentees will complete surveys to track progress and collect data for program improvement.
  • Mentors will have regular meetings to discuss best practices and share resources. Time/Date TBD
  • Networking and professional development Events
    • Dates/Times TBD



  • End of the year feedback survey sent to all mentors and mentees.
  • End of the Year Celebration Event. All mentors and mentees are invited to attend and celebrate the mentorship experience. 
    • April 20, 2023, Time TBD


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What is one of the most important decisions we may make in our life? To have a mentor! And then to be a mentor! - Andy Harris '87


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