Mentors in Business and Management

Business and Management

Dana Ammons

Senior Account Executive for Hair Care at Proctor & Gamble

Erick Barbor

Head of Strategy for Samsung Electronics America

Mentor of the Year 2021

Brent Braden

Director, College Sports Marketing, Nike

Melinda Burke

Retired, The University of Arizona

Peter Chan

Financial Services Professional, New York Life Insurance Company

Travis Chester

CFO, Vixxo Corporation

John Chin

Chief Business Officer, Antengene

Mike Faherty

CEO of ProSales Connection

Ernesto Grijalva

Consultant, Attorney, CCEP-I

Andy Harris

CEO/Board Advisor

Vincent Hsu

Vice President, IBM Fellow, CTO for Storage and SW Defined Environments

Gain Jue

Group Finance Manager, Microsoft

Kimberly Kayler

President, Advancing Organizational Excellence

Mentor of the Year 2021

Jason Mighdoll

Senior Manager, Long Range Planning at Salesforce

Zahid Mustafa

Vice-President, Change Management, State Street Global Markets

Nihaal Rao

Senior Vice President, Wealth Management Advisor

Jonathan Rosenberg

Co-Founder/Managing Partner, Levrose Commercial Real Estate and MODE Real Estate Management Services

Mentor of the Year 2021

Wendy Sanuik

Vice President Foodservice On-Premise - Coca-Cola Swire, USA

Michael Sapp

Retired, Senior Vice President, PetSmart

Dave Schechter

Vice President, Air Max Footwear Nike

Natasha Schnaitmann

Contract Executive, Southland Industries

Jeffrey Siegel

Senior Advisor, Boston Consulting Group

Susan L. Turley

Competition Advocate, Strategic Sourcing, Raytheon Missiles and Defense

Mentor of the Year 2020

Scott Weiss

Corporate and Securities Attorney --Weiss Brown

Thomas Whitelock

Manager, Transactions at JLL

Ken Wuestenfeld

Vice President Sales & Technical Services, Fuchs North America