Julia Leone, PhD

Manager, Research and Organizational Development
Julia Leon,

Julia received her PhD in Industrial and Organizational Psychology in 2020. Since graduating, she became the Manager of Research and Organizational Development at a railroad safety non-profit organization. In this position, she oversees all data collection and research projects as well as provides process improvements for the organization’s Safety Culture Assessments and Leadership Development Program. Mentoring students is important to Julia, as she credits her transition from undergraduate to graduate school to an informal mentorship formed at the University of Arizona. Mentorship is a valuable relationship that can be life changing. She believes it is important to give back to the University and the students it serves and is excited to share her knowledge and experiences with eager and passionate students.

Top Goals for Mentoring:

  • Help mentees develop professional and life skills
  • Help mentees grow their professional networks by making connections to others in my field
  • Help mentees gain career skills for their industry of interest