Ken Wuestenfeld

Vice President Sales & Technical Services, Fuchs North America

Over the past 30 years, Ken Wuestenfeld has expertise in sales and global business management. His business ventures have connected him with Fortune 500 companies such as Pepsi USA, Sara Lee and ConAgra Foods. For over 10 years he also owned and operated a printing franchise, AlphaGraphics where he earned several distinguished awards. 

During his tenures at Sara Lee and ConAgra, Wuestenfeld was involved in mentoring new hires fresh out of college. He believes that mentoring is an excellent way for him to share his experiences and knowledge with the next generation of workers and managers.

In his current role at Fuchs North America Ken is responsible for several functional teams: Sales, Marketing, Research and Development and Regulatory in North America as well as the China Technical Services Center in Shanghai.  Additionally Ken has created internship programs for both the R&D and Marketing departments, utilizing college students interested in these vocations.

Top Goals for Mentoring:

  • Help mentees learn and grow from their peers through group discussions.
  • Help mentees develop professional and life skills.
  • Help mentees gain career skills for their industry of interest.