Lloyd Fox

Owner and Broker, Long Realty The FOX Group
Lloyd Fox

Mentoring means being selfless, honest, and able to share. I'm not perfect. I've Won, I've Lost and I continue to share to help others to realize what they want along their journey. I've worked in the corporate World in pharma and medical equipment and am a former VP of Sales. I then became an entrepreneur, where I've made my own path and earned my own income every day for over 20 years. I believe in making yourself a better person in every aspect of your being. I believe in understanding your goals and what they mean for you, maybe a family, and your business. Success without a life is an empty existence.

Top Goals for Mentoring:

  • Help mentees learn and grow from their peers through group discussions.
  • Help mentees develop professional and life skills.
  • Help mentees gain career skills for their industry of interest. 
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