CALS Leadership Launch

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CALS Alumni and Friends are invested in student success.

In partnership with the Wildcat Mentor Society, this program connects CALS students with alumni and friends to elevate their leadership skills and provide personal growth opportunities.
Accomplished professionals and leaders will leverage their life experience to “pay-it -forward” to provide a valuable resource for the next generation of Wildcats.


The goal of Leadership launch is to provide mentorship to help mentees learn skills and strategies to help them elevate their leadership skills. Mentors share their knowledge, skills, and experiences with their mentee through regular meetings throughout the program. 
The time commitment for mentors is one training session plus monthly meetings with your mentee during the Spring Semester. These can be in person, virtual meetings, or phone calls. Participation in the mentoring program will be contingent on finding a good match for both the student and mentor.


Mentees will receive guidance to elevate their leadership skills, which will impact academic and career goals through meaningful relationships and connections with alumni mentors who have “been there”. 
Kristen Fought | Alumni Relations Manager