Honors LINK Mentoring

Honors Link

Honors LINK (Leverage, Influence, Networking, and Knowledge) is a mentoring program through the Wildcat Mentor Society. W.A. Franke Honors College alumni know the importance of support to student success. As accomplished professionals, your career and life experiences make you a valuable resource for our next generation of scholars and leaders.

The Honors LINK program matches Honors Alumni Mentors with Honors Student Mentees so they can leverage their experience and expertise to help create supportive and transformative connections with current students and recent graduates. By offering advice and perspectives, alumni can positively influence student recruitment, retention, and career preparation efforts by providing networking opportunities and sharing their knowledge. This is a mutually beneficial relationship for both alumni and students.

Mentees will be able to seek guidance from Mentors on the following: 
  • The Franke Honors experience and tips for success in navigating their academic journey
  • Provide Honors capstone/thesis support and advice
  • Career exploration and professional development (including resume review, interview advice, and listening to elevator pitches)


Mentors will support the Franke Honors College in putting students first! Mentors can be but are not limited to the following:
  • Graduates from the Franke Honors College
  • Advisory Board members of the Franke Honors College
  • Friends of the Franke Honors College
View the current list of Honors LINK mentors here.
Candice Crossey, Assistant Director, Donor and Alumni Relations