David Siegel

Vice President of Software Development

David is the vice president of Software Development for Runbeck Election Services and is responsible for the innovation and product development for more than a dozen products in the election industry. Prior to working for Runbeck, David spent 23 years at Intel leading teams of developers, project managers, business analysts, and quality analysts in the development, implementation, and support of software solutions. As a certified project management professional and scrum master, he has successfully managed numerous large-scale complex implementations and previously has worked as a software developer, chief of staff and innovation leader. David spent 25 years in engineering and informational technology roles with Intel Corporation and Honeywell. In these roles, he consistently led the implementation of large-scale complex software solutions that increased business value using lean and agile practices and focusing on customer satisfaction. His dedication to continuous improvement has been a cornerstone of success in his leadership within Fortune 100 companies.

David holds a B.S. in electrical engineering from the University of Arizona. He began his career in 1986 as a systems engineer with Lockheed Aircraft in Burbank working on the F-22 and has advanced his career each step of the way through building partnerships and recognizing and seizing opportunities as they arose. David has hired more than 200 people over the course of his career and mentored even more. He is a Wildcat through and through and is excited to have the opportunity to be a Wildcat mentor, and looks forward to giving back to tomorrow’s leaders.