Humberto Acuña

Senior Construction Manager
Humberto Acuna

Humberto is currently the Construction Manager/Owner’s Advisor for the construction of the Digested Sludge Dewatering Facility, a part of the San Jose/Santa Clara Regional Wastewater Treatment Complex in San José, California. This new $140 Million facility will have state of the art wastewater treatment technology and will aid the City of San José and vicinity achieve their future wastewater treatment and environmental goals.

Prior to moving to the San Francisco Bay Area, Humberto worked for 20 years in the Phoenix metropolitan area in the construction of greenfield water treatment plants and in the expansion and rehabilitation of municipal and industrial water/wastewater treatment facilities. Humberto started up and operated a water treatment equipment small business early in his career. He has also provided engineering and construction support in the mining and metallurgical industry, as well as the automotive manufacturing industry.

In his free time, Humberto enjoys swimming, hiking, bicycling, and cheering on his Arizona Wildcats! Humberto is an avid traveler and enjoys experiencing other cultures, people, and places, having already visited several countries in 4 continents. He has been accompanied by his wife and his two daughters (both UA graduates) on his most recent travels.

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