Paul Moir

Retired News Anchor
Mentor of the Year 2020

Industries of Expertise: broadcast news

Paul Moir (known professionally as Paul Moyer) has extensive broadcast journalism experience which earned him 22 Emmys and a Peabody Award. His career started in Tucson almost 50 years ago on the radio. He spent 46 years as a TV news anchor, the last 37 in Los Angeles. A highlight from his career was anchoring various programs like the long-running “OJ the Trial” and CNBC.

An avid supporter of the UA, Moir is excited to pass down his knowledge to fellow Wildcats. He recognizes that the news business is becoming more difficult to break in to. He looks forward to empowering mentees with the knowledge he collected over his long and successful career. Moir would be a great mentor to anyone with an open mind who is ready to learn.