Scott Weiss

Scott Weiss

Corporate and Securities Attorney --Weiss Brown

Scott K. Weiss is a corporate and securities attorney and represents both issuers and investors. Scott focuses his practice in the areas of securities, private placements, venture capital, mergers and acquisitions, and corporate finance. Scott is also a certified public accountant. His legal specialties include: securities, private placements, venture capital, mergers and acquisitions, corporate finance. He also has expertise in start-up companies and entrepreneurship.

Scott graduated from the University of Arizona in 1991 with a degree in accounting. He began his career as a certified public accountant in the audit practice of Arthur Andersen, where he practiced for four years.  Scott graduated law school in 1998 and joined the corporate securities group in Phoenix office of Greenberg Traurig, where represented issuers and underwriters in public securities offerings. In 2010, he and a partner formed Weiss Brown, which is a business and technology law firm.  Since 2010, Weiss Brown has represented emerging companies in virtually all areas of the business, including corporate formation, structure, capital raising, mergers and acquisitions, and other areas. 

One of the core values of Weiss Brown is continuing to mentor and guide young professionals. Scott believes that bringing others along with us makes everyone stronger and more valuable. Participating in this program helps to further this core value. 

Top Goals for Mentoring:

  • Help mentees learn and grow from their peers through group discussions.
  • Help mentees develop professional and life skills.
  • Help mentees grow their professional networks by making connections to others in my field.