SALT Center Alumni Mentoring

In partnership with the  Wildcat Mentor Society, this program looks to help SALT Center students and recent graduates connect with SALT Center alumni. These connections will foster relationships within the students’ undergraduate career to help navigate questions and prepare the student for next steps as they approach graduation for internships and jobs or if they are still looking for opportunities post-graduation.


The goal of SALT Center mentorship is to help mentees learn skills and information that will help lead them to success within their last few semesters or recent graduates with their future careers. Mentors impart their knowledge, skills, and experiences with their mentee through regular meetings throughout the program. 


Mentees will receive guidance to achieve academic and career goals through meaningful relationships and connections with mentors who have been in their same shoes. The hope is that these relationships will create lifelong connections between Wildcats.

Emily Pendleton, MBA | Assistant Director, Operations and Strategy, SALT Center